Support Marsi Road

Marsi Road Needs Your Help

This app and the supporting non-profit has cost quite a bit to put together and it is not free to keep running.

To help cover the cost of all of this, as well as future costs, I have setup pages on and on Patreon.

If you can donate $1 monthly via, that will go a long way towards the monthly costs which I hope to keep under $20/month (right now it is just over $15/month). If you can make a one time donation of $25 or $50 on, that would help greatly in helping to cover 501(c)(3) application and legal fees.

What Will the Money Be Used For?

Several servers have been running in “the cloud” since the last few months of 2016. At the time of launch in May of 2017, there are currently three servers running which requires a monthly payment to Google Cloud Platform. It cost close to $200 just to become a registered non-profit in Massachusetts and then to register with the Attorney General’s office in order to be able to solicit funds. Fees are also being paid to Google and Apple to release the app on their app stores. Additionally, I have a goal to register with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) so that donations are tax deductible for those that choose to support Massachusetts Addiction Recovery Software, Inc. The IRS charges $400 for 501(c)(3) applications and legal services may need to be utilized to help with this.